Dojo Etiquette for Kids

-Your kid should be well groomed. He or she should show up with a clean gi and their toe and fingernails trimmed.
-Your kid should be respectful towards other kids and the teachers.
-Shoes are forbidden on the tatame.
-Your kid should never leave the tatame without the permission off the teacher.
-Your kid should shake hands with their trainings partners before each training.
-After the training your kid should not leave his or her possessions such as clothes, accessories, gi’s and water bottles behind in the dojo.

Dojo Etiquette for Parents

-Do not disturb class during training,any remarks should be done after training.
-Taking pictures/filming any kid during training without the consent of their instructors and parents is not permitted.
-Do not coach your kid during the sparring. This can create pressure atmosphere that can defeat the purpose of having a fun and relaxed environment on the learning process.